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Rehab Strength Training

Each Workout plans designed based on your needs through the rehab process.

Optimal Rehab Diet Plans

Education and meal idea designed to help you along your journey to recovery. 

Rehab Education

Clarity on what is truly happening to your body during the rehab process.

Meet Angela Jordan

Health and Fitness are my passion and my life. I've been referred to as a strength coach, a life coach, a nutritional expert and some clients even describe me as their "go-to girl". I’ve dedicated more than two decades to helping others find their motivation to transform their lives and now I want to help you.

Flexibility and Happiness

Being happy and healthy includes your physical health as well as your mental state.

Join Camp AJ

We are not here to mess around. This will require serious effort for serious results. We at Camp AJ believe everyone has what it takes to succeed when it comes to their overall health.


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